November 24, 2009

My Little Friend

There is one itemthat I have purchased that I love beyond description, and comes with me everywhere I go.  This has been along with me for most of my runs.  I commute with it, run with it, sleep with it (!), and it has been with me on most of my hardest runs, singing to me, making me laugh, making me cry, encouraging me, and pretty much getting nothing in return.
I am talking about my Ipod.   Thanks Ipod.
Top Things I listen to:
  1. Harry Potter -Audio Books - Read By Jim Dale - amazingly absorbing
  2. Podcasts - Running with the Pack, Pottercast, Bethel Church, That's What She Said
  3. Innocent - David Cook
  4. U2 - Beautiful Day , City of Blinding Lights, No Line on the Horizon Album
  5. Third Day - Keep On Shining
  6. Chris Tomlin - Arriving Album
  7. How He Loves - Kim Walker
  8. Wake Up - Arcade Fire
There is more, but this is off the top of my head. :D
So versatile, I love having it to motivate me,  entertain me and inspire me!  What do you listen to if anything?  We could use the ideas!


Kenley said...

Hey Chad,

I have a 30GB Creative something or another mp3 player. I listen to RED, Third Days Tunnel song, especially nearing the end of my runs -"There's a light at the end of this tunnel". I love audio books. ( I'm a driver so.....all the time I'm listening to those. Orson Scott Card, Terry Brooks, Science Fiction. Anything read by Scott Brick. On the heavier side of things - Iron Maiden "The loneliness of a long distance runner". One of my favorites that relaxes me when I run is - Dee Roberts - Let Love Begin. For that song, I imagine the city highways lit up at night. That's a little list out of 5000 + songs and 100 + Audio books. Great post and chance to be interactive. Have a good one. Happy Thanksgiving!

Chad said...

A fellow audio afficionado! Great reads, Ill have to check out
My 30gb hard drive doesnt do well in the cold, though, so i have to keep it inside my pants in the winter to keep the battery from freezing and dying on the run.
What did people do before tunes were available? Can you imagine carting a personal CD player around with you? Crazy!
SOme runs are great without the bother of the Mp3, too, but, I sure love it.

Kenley said...

Its funny that you mention a personal CD player! The gym that I go to, well, there is this one guy that carries a TAPE cassette Walkman with BIG Headphones. Talk about old school. You can't even buy tapes anymore. lol. Yes, I love audio books. Can't get enough of them.

Terri Boschman CityCreations said...

Yeah, love the Harry Potter books on Audio. I am also listening to A Lion Among Us right now. Music...Lance Odegard and Laurell.

Terri Boschman CityCreations said...

Oh you can buy used tapes at thift stores. They are really cheap :)

Darrell said...

I've been using my ipod more often lately. I change it up every now and then. Currently I've got Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam mixed in with Keith Urban and Rich Price, Jimmy Needham, Pillar and Paul Wright; quite the mix. No Third Day at the moment.

Chad said...

Nice, Darell I need some fresh stuff. I listened to a great worship song from Hillsong United yesterday.
I havent heard Third Day's nlatest album. Hoping for some tunes for Christmas!

Sandra Fowke said...

Hmm Audio books now that's an interesting idea. It would be great for those long treks or night when I want to read but have tired eyes (lol that happens a lot to me).

Thanks :)

Chad said...

LOL terri
Tape players are hilarious nowadays.