November 10, 2009

Geared Up for Winter

2nd Winterfor me in running. Well, second and a half.  I began back in the January of 2008.  That makes two years of serious running.  My body has changed, my clothes have changed, but now I am geared up and looking towards a winter of running with all my barriers addressed.  I have just received from Roadrunner my thermal compression tights.  They are Pearl Izumi Therma Phase Tights. I don't feel the liner inside will be able to keep my nether regions warm enough,  so an extra pair of underwear is necessary, also for support on longer runs.  Why cant they make them more 'brief-like'??  I do feel like a superhero in them!  I am hoping they keep me warm for the really cold weather.

I also have a high-visibility marathon jacket (illumiNITE Marathon Jacket) I have purchased so I don't look like a dark ninja on the road.  Both were affordable and I got a great discount from the site for having a VIP membership, with free shipping!
If you are inclined to stay indoors, there is a site which may interest you :  It is devoted to reviewing treadmills and there are some quizzes to do!  Unfortunately, I cannot afford the space for a treadmill, in my home thus my heading outdoors in the wind and snow.  I have to say, wind is a bigger difficulty than is snow in my books. 

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