October 26, 2009

Sick, I swallowed many many bugs!

Swarm!It was like running through a bog or something. 
The weather turned nice and mild, into the 20s in Celcius, which is warm!  I went for a 13k , so around 9 miler and these crazy bugs were just hovering in my way.  I would run through these little flying things,m and they would just stay there, letting me hit them!  I inhaled a few~!  Quite a few actually!  In fact, there were so many I had to run with my shirt up over my head for a bit, and then I tried my hand covering my face and mouth.  Not a very efficient use of limbs.
I kept swiping my arms because dozens of the little bugs were stuck to my sweaty arms, neck and face.  It was disgusting, and annoying and oddly filling.  When I got home, I had to make my way in my car somewhere, and I opened my mouth, sitting in the back of my mouth was a black bug all stuck.

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